Posted by Nancy Acreman on Aug 19, 2014

Sustainability and transparency were key areas discussed by David. Sustainability with our resources; such as reliable and cost effective electricity through NB Power and the smart grid initiative ( NB Power's goal is to provide a modern utility service aligned with our customers evolving lifestyle requirements and will therefore invest in Smart Grid technology to reduce and shift electricity demand in the province.

He also spoke of encouraging local, homegrown food that will build a strong local economy using resources already available within the rural areas. Farming our own products and providing incentives for local farmers to do so is key.

In terms of governance - he indicated that for the last 4 years, the government has been electioneering instead of getting down to business and believes individuals should listen to the voice of the people (their constituents) rather than the usual towing the party line.

Preventative care was also discussed instead of trying to take care of a sick population within the hospital setting, additional doctors should be employed on the front-end to prevent or streamline the illnesses.

He also mentioned that our literacy rates are one of the highest across the country but illiteracy is still an issue and is not being properly addressed.

Submitted by Niki Whyte